Diversity Spotlight Thursday: Royalty | 3 Days, 3 Quotes [Day 3]


Diversity Spotlight Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Aimal from Bookshelves & Paperbacks. Each week you come up with three book for three different categories: a diverse book you’ve read and enjoyed; a diverse book that’s already been released and is in your TBR; and a diverse book that hasn’t been released yet.

Today we’re donning all the crowns, the jewels, the unwieldy layers of fabric, and exploring some diverse books that feature royalty! This was a hard one, but it was either royalty or diverse pilots (you’ll see why in the second half of the post).


The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera

Captive Prince was the first “royal” book that popped to mind, but that one has issues regarding sexual violence, so instead I’m picking the next diverse yet controversial book that immediately popped to mind (because I hate making things easy for myself, apparently), which is The Tiger’s Daughter. There are those who absolutely hated the representation of Asian culture in this book (Japan and Mongolia in particular), others who loved it, and others who didn’t much care. It’s a matter of inspiration vs. appropriation, and while I do think the worldbuilding is lazy in some respects, I don’t believe it portrays East Asian countries in a disrespectful or malicious manner.

So with that immediate digression…

The Tiger’s Daughter is an epistolary novel that follows the lives of Shefali, a child of the nomadic Qorin tribe, and Shizuka, the future empress of Hokkaro–two young girls whose fates were entwined from birth. The prose is breathtaking and the romance between the two characters is beautifully drawn out. The second book is coming out this October and I’m quite eager to get my hands on it.

A-book-on-my-tbrThe Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a standalone graphic novel that stars a prince who loves wearing dresses and his best friend who loves making those dresses. It seems like a sweet story reminiscent of the Princess Jellyfish manga series, and it’s been getting heaps of praises, so I very much look forward to checking it out.

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

In this richly developed fantasy, Lei is a member of the Paper caste, the lowest and most persecuted class of people in Ikhara. She lives in a remote village with her father, where the decade-old trauma of watching her mother snatched by royal guards for an unknown fate still haunts her. Now, the guards are back and this time it’s Lei they’re after — the girl with the golden eyes whose rumored beauty has piqued the king’s interest.
Over weeks of training in the opulent but oppressive palace, Lei and eight other girls learns the skills and charm that befit a king’s consort. There, she does the unthinkable — she falls in love. Her forbidden romance becomes enmeshed with an explosive plot that threatens her world’s entire way of life. Lei, still the wide-eyed country girl at heart, must decide how far she’s willing to go for justice and revenge.

This book doesn’t have a royal protagonist, but it’s set in a royal environment and has a king as a major character, so I figure it’s close enough. The premise reminds me a little of Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy (except more queer and Asian), and I find the “forbidden romance” aspect rather intriguing.

Releases November 6th, 2018


This is Day 3 of the 3 Days, 3 Quotes, for which I was tagged by Alyssa from Serendipitous Reads!

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day

For this last day, I’d like to feature a quote from my favourite littlest prince of all time:


The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is my favourite children’s book and one of my favourite books of all time. It’s one of those stories that sinks its claws into you and refuses to let go, becoming more and more meaningful as you grow older.

It also comes with a rather romantic and tragic backstory (or afterstory, rather). The Little Prince opens up with an aviator crashed on a desert, and Saint-Exupéry himself just also happened to be a pilot (he’d inserted his experience with his own near-fatal crash into the story). He’d flew with the Allies during World War 2, until one day, during one mission, he vanished without a trace.

A partial wreckage of his plane has since been found, but I like to believe that he flew himself all the way to Asteroid B-612 to be with the Little Prince. I hope that wherever he is, he managed to find some measure of peace and comfort as I found in his story.


Today I tag: You! Everyone! If you wish to be tagged, consider yourself tagged!

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jennifertarheelreader June 28, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Ah, Kathy, that quote from The Little Prince! So, so good. Love your royal book choices too!

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 10:15 am

Thank you, Jennifer! <3 The Little Prince has so many wonderful little quotes (which I have hanging as posters all over my place!)

Vera June 28, 2018 - 2:00 pm

The cover of Girls of Paper and Fire is so beautiful. And I do like the premise of it as well, it could be quite a good read. 🙂

I love The Little Prince and enjoyed your quote selection from it. I agree, more I read this book, more meaningful it becomes. That tragic story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry always breaks my heart a little. I sincerely hope that he has found one of those special stars. ❤️

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 10:14 am

I love the fact that the cover colour scheme kind of has a rainbow running through it, which fits with the whole queer theme! <3

And omg Vera, I don't know why, but your comment just gave me an idea for an art piece where Saint-Exupéry flies up to the stars and Little Prince is there waiting for him!

Vera June 30, 2018 - 2:13 pm

I love that idea! 😊👌

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams June 28, 2018 - 3:20 pm

I’m so excited to read Girls of Paper and Fire as well!! And I love the quote you chose. 💓

Wonderful post, Kathy! ❤️

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 10:03 am

Thank you, Lily! <3 There are so many wonderful books with awesome-sounding female characters coming out this fall, and I'm so very excited!!

howlsmovinglibrary June 28, 2018 - 3:21 pm

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a wonderful story! I love the artwork, it’s so cheerfully coloured with lots of pastel tones, and all of the characters have cool and quirky face shapes. I’d definitely recommend it as a book, although I am cis (though I’ve seen positive ownvoice reviews!)

I am SO NOT READY for Girls of Paper and Fire!!!

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 10:01 am

Well, now I’m even more eager to pick it up! 😀 I did sample the first handful of pages and I can’t get over how adorable the artstyle is.

And YES, I am so stoked for Girls of Paper and Fire!! <3 Ineed to get myself a timeturner so that I can read all of these.

Bibi @ Bibi's Book Blog June 28, 2018 - 3:47 pm

Aww love, love, love the Little Prince ❤❤

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 9:54 am

I have him as various posters, jewellery and figurines…so I’m kind of obsessed. 😀

Bibi @ Bibi's Book Blog June 30, 2018 - 10:45 am

Haha that’s awesome. It is a legendary book 🙂

PerfectlyTolerable June 28, 2018 - 4:34 pm

The cover for Girls of Paper and Fire is stunning! That alone makes me want to read it 😀

I love the quote you chose!!

Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky June 30, 2018 - 9:53 am

Thank you! And it *is* such a pretty cover! And the colours kind of form a rainbow which totally fits with the LGBTQ+ theme. 😀

auroralibrialis June 29, 2018 - 7:07 pm

The Tiger’s Daughter sounds so wonderful. I really want to read it. And I’m so excited for Girls of Paper and Fire to come out 😍

waytoofantasy June 30, 2018 - 12:50 pm

Girls of Paper and Fire sounds really good. I like the cover too. 🙂

thebookwormdrinketh July 2, 2018 - 3:01 pm

I keep meaning to check out the Prince and the Dressmaker! I can’t wait to see what you think!
Great quote, who doesn’t love the little prince? 💖💖

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